Mobile app development for HUS

Omapolku Mobile (My Path)

The My path application contains digital care paths, which are prescribed to patients for ailments which can be treated with information and guidance. It also contains wellbeing questionnaires, a calendar, a messaging service, and a diary. The application is a core piece of the innovative digital healthcare solutions that HUS develops.

Our developer joined the team developing the My Path app for HUS. The app is in production on iOS and Android with many users. Currently, our developer Daniel Dunderfelt is the lead developer for the project.

Daniel integrated very well into the team and got up to speed quickly, even though the app had been in development for a few years already. Not long after starting on the project, an anonymous source within HUS commented that "the backlog simply disappeared". While Daniel claims that the work was pretty easy, we are happy that our work has accelerated the project and allowed our client to get crucial features and fixes done.


The application is developed using React Native, which allows us to develop for both iOS and Android with one codebase. The application is written in Typescript.

Since the application handles delicate and private healthcare information, security is a top priority. The application interfaces with the Finnish national authentication system, and an API which serves many applications.

The application is deployed using Microsoft App Center, and uses Azure DevOps for its robust pipeline and Git repository features.


We are very proud to work on a healthcare app that helps real patients. It is exactly the kind of impactful work we want to do.

Inspired? We want to work with you on your impactful project!

Inspired? We want to work with
you on your impactful project!

Inspired? We want to work with you on your impactful project!